Sam Sullivan hospitalized over long weekend

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Sam Sullivan & Lynn Zanatta at the Terry Fox Run
Sam Sullivan & Lynn Zanatta at the 2008 Terry Fox Run

Former Mayor Sam Sullivan was hospitalized over the long weekend, and is now out of care and on the mend. Sullivan just returned from Paris, France with his fiance Lynn Zanatta where he was researching urban issues for an upcoming project when he succumbed to an abdominal infection.

"This is one of the risks for me in travel," says Sam. "It's really easy not to take care of myself when I'm abroad. Thankfully I returned home to first class care in our public hospitals. I can't say enough about the great work they do."

"It's a shame that I got ill as I've been so healthy for years now. It's entirely my fault for letting this happen," he adds. "I've learned my lesson and won't let this happen to me again."

Since leaving politics in December Sullivan has been working on a new initiative relating to his passions for urban issues and lifelong learning. We're sure that he'll announce more details about it in the near future.

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who cares? i cut myself open on a chainsaw last friday,should i contact mike klassen in the hopes that he will report it? this is a non-story written by an ex political hack of sullivans former staff trying to keep him in the limelight,just fade away into the background sam and watch the new mayor enjoy all the perks of the olympics that you could have had - oh sorry i forgot - your own party got rid of you....

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