Reimer emits 3.14 tonnes of emissions attending enviro conference in Bogota

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Jet spewing carbon
Councillor Andrea Reimer jets off to conference in Bogota to study environmental best practices

It was with great interest that I recently read a Vision Vancouver newsletter indicating that Councillor Andrea Reimer was heading off to Bogota, Colombia to attend the International Urban Agriculture Fair. The event is all about encouraging food production close to home in larger urban environments. The goal is to get everyone to grown more of their own veggies closer to home so they can save the environment. A noble goal indeed.

That's why the issue of Ms. Reimer (voted's favourite Vision councillor) jumping aboard a jumbo jet and flying half-way around the world to learn more about sustainable living disappointed so many of us at CC headquarters.

We asked our crack research team what the environmental impact was of flying Ms. Reimer to Bogota, Colombia to attend the conference. At 8,412 miles, a return trip from Vancouver to Bogota emits approximately 3.13 tonnes of carbon emissions. Our research team is now busy calculating how many Gregor Gardens have to be planted at City Hall to offset this trip.

Here is what the official Vision Newsletter had to say about Reimer's trip:

Councilor [sic] Reimer Speaks in Bogota Columbia [sic]: Vision Vancouver Councilor [sic] Andrea Reimer was invited to present Vancouver's experience with urban agriculture and peri-urban agriculture at the second International Urban Agriculture Fair held in Bogota, Columbia [sic] on April 23rd and 24th.

Andrea notes that "Bogota is doing so much creative work to facilitate vegetable and fruit production especially in poor communities as an income generator. They have an extensive transportation system, including rapid bus and bike networks and many car-free streets in the evening and weekends. There is a lot for Vancouver to learn."

We're confident that Andrea did purchase the necessary carbon offsets to ensure minimal impact to the environment.

Although we support most of the noble efforts of our favourite Vision Councillor (backyard chickens notwithstanding), we must be fair and balanced in our coverage and therefore felt it necessary to bring this issue to the attention of our thousands of readers. Andrea, we hope you'll forgive us.

Now back to our regular programming.

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