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A while ago, we quietly introduced a new online poll feature to the blog. We've asked a number of thought provoking questions and you responded to them en masse.

Once a particular non-scientific poll is closed, it dissappears from the blog and you may not always know what the final result were. As a result, more than a few of you have asked our team if we could summarize those results and post them up for everyone to read. We thought that was a great idea.

Here is a summary:

Does Vancouver need a new 'progressive' left-leaning civic party?

  • 58% No
  • 42% Yes

Which of the following issues do you think is of most concern to Canada's major cities.

  • 59% Keeping economy on track
  • 23% Homelessness
  • 9% Better access to city hall
  • 5% Protecting the environment
  • 5% Democratic reform

Do you believe Mayor Gregor Robertson's supportive statements of Premier Gordon Campbell will have an impact on the outcome of the provincial election?

  • 56% Yes
  • 44% No

Do you think paying Vancouver's new CFO $230,000 plus benefits is:

  • 69% Way too much
  • 21% The right amount
  • 10% Not enough

Do you agree that other Canadian cities should follow Montreal's lead by establishing anonymous wastebuster tip lines?

  • 66% Yes
  • 7% No
  • 28% Don't have enough information

When it comes to Google's Street View project, which best expresses your opinion?

  • 60% I love it bring it on
  • 28% I really don't care either way
  • 12% This is big brother and should be prohibited

Do you believe Canada's big cities are prepared to handle a pandemic?

  • 79% No.
  • 21% Yes

Do you agree with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson that senior city staff are quitting because of their lack of "productivity"?

  • 89% No
  • 11% Yes

What do you think will happen when Vision Vancouver closes down at least one lane of the Burrard St. Bridge?

  • 44% Major traffic gridlock on both north and south side
  • 31% Vision will back down after major public backlash
  • 14% It will be business as usual
  • 11% Better traffic flow as people divert to Granville St. instead

In your opinion, which best describes the role BC's labour movement played in the last civic election?

  • 79% Played a major role
  • 18% Played a minor role
  • 4% They had no influence at all

Once again, thanks to the thousands of readers who have taken the time to read and vote in our online polls. Glad to see that you are enjoying them.

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