Mayor Larry blogs about council support to rebuild Lansdown

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Lansdown Park is set to get a major renovation

It's official, Mayor Larry has confirmed on his blog the City of Ottawa has approved by a margin of 14-9 the redevelopment of Lansdown Park.  As a huge fan of the CFL, and someone who misses having Ottawa in the league, I'm thrilled to hear of Council's decision.

According to Mayor Larry:

Plans for redevelopment include refurbishing Frank Clair Stadium, renovating the Civic Centre and adding trade space, green space and commercial space to revitalize Bank Street.

Council has approved a process to begin negotiations with the Lansdowne Live group. It is hoped that they will come back to Council in about 60 days with some sort of an agreement. Mayor Larry states that in addition to the new football stadium, the project would also encompass a new Congress Centre as well as a downtown transit tunnel. The Mayor is now calling upon the public to provide feedback on the proposal.

In advance of his court appearance, the Mayor appeared gracious by stating:

There has been a lot of work done on this file and I want to thank my Council colleagues, City staff and the Lansdowne Live group for their good work.

We'll keep you posted as Council prepares to vote again on this important issue in a couple of months.

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