Gregor's NDP endorsement runs counter to green goals

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Many in the Mayor Robertson's orbit, including His Worship, came out swinging for Vancouver-Fairview's NDP incumbent

Mayor Gregor Robertson tried a Hail Mary pass to try and keep incumbent MLA Jenn McGinn as Vancouver-Fairview's elected representative. As reported by the intrepid Sean Holman of Public Eye Online, Gregor became a part of McGinn's sales pitch in the dying days of her failed campaign when he endorsed her.

"Jenn McGinn has been a great advocate for the riding, and I know that if re-elected, she'll continue to stand up for our interests in Victoria. Whether it's protecting renters, championing child care or supporting small businesses on Cambie Street, Jenn has put the people of Vancouver-Fairview first."

Gregor Robertson
Mayor of Vancouver

Campaign teams usually know when they are in trouble well-ahead of Election Day, and it's likely that McGinn's NDP operatives sensed she was done before voters headed to the polls on Tuesday. The Mayor's original instincts were probably to stay out of the provincial race. After all, look at the supreme kicking he received for endorsing Premier Gordon Campbell's "three-peat" government.

In fact, most representatives of City Council went to bat for Team NDP in spite of the fact that polls continually showed the BC Liberals in the lead.

Mayor "Geoff" Meggs couldn't help himself but table NDP policy for an endorsement by City Council, as with his minimum wage motion. Gregor even commented to the media that small business owners agreed with their call to raise wages, yet another unfounded opinion by Vancouver's Mayor.

Mayor Robertson's godfather and chief financial backer Joel Solomon added his voice in support of McGinn.

Coun. Kerry Jang did everything short of piloting a plane over the city skywriting the letters VOTE NDP. He turned up at several NDP events and rallies, as well contributed a voice blast to unsuspecting Vision members.

Even the retiring George Chow tagged along with Coun. Raymond Louie & Jang in a Chinatown walkabout with NDP leader Carole James and MLA Jenny Kwan.

COPE, not to be outdone, sent e-blasts out urging members to support NDP campaigns.

The only left wing Councillor who appeared to keep her powder dry is Coun. Andrea Reimer, who is reportedly so chastened by her caucus over the backyard chicken political debacle she refuses to stick her neck out on any initiative.

Chased down yesterday by CKNW's fine reporter Janet Brown the Mayor had this comment about the outcome of the BC election:

"My focus is on building up partnerships with the province."

Perhaps he might have given some consideration to his priorities as Vancouver's Mayor before partisan relenting to pressure and endorsing McGinn?

Vancouver's new BC Liberal caucus features several new strong voices including Dr. Moira Stilwell, Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid, Mary McNeil (formerly of the Vancouver Police Board) and former Vancouver Deputy Chief of Police Kash Heed. They'll likely note the Mayor and Council's public support of their opponents before bowing to requests from City Hall, which faces its own financial predicament.

Ultimately, one might ask why Mayor Robertson betrayed his own vocal support for BC's carbon tax by endorsing McGinn and the NDP, who condemned the policy. It certainly feels at odds with his "greenest city" campaign promise. Unfortunately for Vancouver, this kind of commitment confusion seems to be a recurring malady for our farmboy Mayor.

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