FOI reveals city staff busy taking pretty pictures while Snowmageddon raged

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Friggin' Snow!!!
Vancouver resident digs out as City staff plan to take pictures of all that pretty snow

With temperatures rising, we realize many Vancouverites will have forgotten by now the ravages of Snowmageddon from last December. Just in case you have, take a gander back at a few of our posts to remind you of what the city went through.

If you recall, there were unploughed city streets. Then there were the Nine Dark Days of Silence from the City's communication department. Who could forget the countless number of seniors who were shut in and unable to attend medical appointments. You can only imagine during this time of crisis that the City's communications department was likely scrambling to figure out their next steps. Well...not so fast.

On December 18th, a full week after the city began getting dumped on by snow, and forecasters were predicting even more of the white stuff, the following email was sent by Laurie Best, Communications Director to Mr. Colin Fenby, Assistant Director of Communications:

From: Best, Laurie

Sent: Thursday, December 18th, 2008 8:49 AM

To: Fenby, Colin

Subject: Shots of snow-covered city?

Should we put our new camera and Alysia (?) Tania (?) and an engineering vehicle to good use today? Peter Judd cn [sic] help with the car. Alos [sic] Check out the view from the top floor. Chris Underwood is gracious and accustomed to letting his office be used for this purpose. Just sayin.


For the benefit of our readers who are unfamiliar with Vancouver City Hall, Peter Judd was the Deputy City Engineer before moving over to Olympic operations. The Engineering department is responsible for snow removal in the city.

The preceding email was obtained through a recent Freedom of Information request. Once again, thanks again to everyone who has contributed to our special FOI fund so far in order to help defray the costs. We'll be stepping up our fundraising campaign in the coming weeks.

As you can see, while citizens either waited patiently for snowploughs that never arrived, some City staff were busy getting their Canon cameras ready to snap pretty photos of the city in the early grips of Vancouver's snow crisis. This is simply hard to believe unless you actually read it in black and white.

Our research team is still ploughing through about 300+ pages of Ms. Best's emails and we'll let you know what other nuggets we've been able to dig up over the coming days.

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