Coquitlam Mayor rushed to hospital in middle of council meeting

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The Tri-City News is reporting that Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart was wisked away from a council meeting on Monday to a local hospital suffering from back spasms. The former BC Liberal MLA has suffered from back problems for many years now, but this is the first time he's needed medical treatment in the course of performing his duties at City Hall.

Here's an excerpt from the Tri-City News:

Stewart, who had been standing for part of the meeting to stretch his back, called for recess at about 9:45 p.m. and was helped out of the room by councillors Brent Asmundson and Barrie Lynch as well as four city staff members.

Paramedics were called a short time later and the mayor was transported to hospital for treatment.

It would appear that his worship is now feeling a tad better. He told the local paper today "he was recuperating and was expected to make his civic appointments." After serving a term on Council, Stewart became the Mayor in November 2008 after he defeated incumbent Maxine Wilson. 

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I could see that Richard was in pain at a recent Metro Strategic Growth Management Workshop, but he stayed to the end and made the closing remarks. I hope he gets well soon...maybe there's a good acupuncturist who can help relieve the spasms???

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