COPE and Vision wage battle over Burrard Bridge lane closures

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Vision and COPE launch counter strikes regarding whether to close one or two lanes on Burrard Bridge

The final debate over the future of Burrard Bridge has begun, and it only took a few minutes for the missiles to begin flying back and forth. Vision moved a motion to close one lane, while COPE moved an amendment to close two lanes. NPA Councillor Anton was not at the meeting today, but she's on record opposing any lane closures.

It was Vision Councillor Kerry Jang that moved the original motion to close one lane, while COPE's Ellen Woodsworth moved the two lane closure option. The Chair of the meeting originally told Woodsworth that her motion was out of order, however, she eventually allowed the debate to continue.

It is worth noting that city staff stated in their report to Council the best option to increase safety for bicyclists would be the closure of two lanes, not one. Therefore, by supporting the closure of only one lane, Vision can no longer claim they are supporting this initiative due to safety reasons. If that were the case, they would have voted with COPE.

Jang made a passionate plea to Council to support his one lane closure motion. He stated:

People in cars, we have to change our behaviour...

Meanwhile, COPE Councillor David Cadman bolted to his feet and loudly stated:

It's time to get serious and do the bold thing...We need to have the guts to do this!

After Cadman spoke, the audience broke into applause in support of his efforts at convincing Vision to support the two lane closure option.

After both Cadman and Woodsworth spoke in support of their motion to close two lanes, the vote was quickly taken. It was 8-2 against support for the safest two-lane closure option.

In the end, the Vision majority voted to support the closure of one lane on Burrard Bridge. Gregor's Gridlock will start in about 6-8 weeks.

Update: Check out our new online poll question on this issue.



Just to clear here. My residential property taxes are going up, business is leaving for friendlier commercial rates in the suburbs and my city council cannot even make a consistent safety/environmental decision regarding how people get around. Yes, Spring has arrived in Vancouver.


Then you will be happy to know that the lane reallocation would save taxpayers $35 million dollars, the cost of the bridge widening that the NPA is supporting.

Guess I should be clearer, Richard. I was making a comparison about the city's mangled message on the Burrard bridge project and their long term plan for revenue. If they cannot be efficient and consistent on message or what happens in chambers, how should I feel about their ability to maintain a consistent revenue stream for running the city?

The city is spending 1.45 million on this bridge TRIAL.
Commuters that can't bicycle are going to be burning more fuel, sitting in grid-lock traffic, driving farther distances to get around this nightmare,and contributing tons of gas by products into the air.
'the greenest city on earth': what a joke.
All because an extremist cyclist group is guilting our pea-brained mayor and council into doing this repeat of the 1996 disaster.
How about bikes travel on the roadway like everywhere else?
Reduce the speed limit on the bridge,
paint out the curb lane.
Better transit.
There are lots of options.
This city has a legacy of governors who just can't seem to think rationally
and bend to silly interest groups.
Take note
and get rid of this mayor and stupid councillors when voting comes around again.

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