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Lots of interest in this week and for that we have to thank the fine reporters at GlobalTV BC, The Province, The Vancouver Sun & CKNW News for sharing with their audiences some of the details we've recently uncovered via FOI. Reporter Ted Field crafted this great piece which ran as one of GlobalTV's top stories tonight (video above).

Our readers who would like to track the Carbon Cadman story might be interested in this piece by Matt Burrows in the Georgia Straight from last February, where another local politician raises a stink about Cadman's costly jet-setting:

City of Langley councillor and Metro Vancouver director Gayle Martin is criticizing Cadman’s proposal, recommended by Metro staff, that the regional body provide a $17,000 budget for his work with ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) during the first half of this year...

Says Martin, "In my opinion, if they want to have [a] presence around the world, then ICLEI should be paying for the expenses of their board of directors, not the GVRD, in our case.”

Whaa? You mean Metro Vancouver governments are footing the bill for running another organization? Let's listen to the President's Invitation (mp3) to another ICLEI event, this time in Edmonton, AB. Who's the president, you ask? None other than David "Carbon" Cadman himself.

"I know we all attend a lot of meetings, a lot of conferences," Cadman waxes, "this is one where we all bring our positives."

Cadman's plea for more delegates has all the charm of an Amway seminar pitch, where listeners are urged to bring "neighbouring cities" along for the ride.

As an opposition city councillor, what government policy are we likely to see in return for the $118,000 Cadman has cost taxpayers since 2005? Just asking.


This "we sent them for training" is totally bogus. Pile of stinky-huey.

What courses did they take in Vegas that they couldn't have taken at UBC, SFU, BCIT or even VSB night school ?

These junkets are just that - time off for the gadget geeks to hang out with peers, sit through dome boring vendor presentations and have a few days vacation

I do agree with the need for continuing education for city workers. I know the most unqualified people working in the municipal. These people are getting paid to help our city. There should be some respect for our tax dollars. Here is what we paid last year: Page 51

Honestly now, all work no play from morning to evening? On top of that, I'm sure Mandalay Bay is the only hotel for them to stay, considering the lack of other hotels in the area.... right.

Check out!

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