Vancouver Council turns into provincial election battlefront

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The truce with Victoria is called off by Mayor Meggs as Vancouver Council fires its first election missile

Were you beginning to wonder why the Vision dominated Council and the provincial BC Liberal government were getting along so well lately? Well, you don't have to worry about that any longer now that the agenda for the next Council meeting has been posted online.

Two separate motions from Geoff 'Mayor' Meggs and the other 'official' Mayor demonstrate that Vancouver's left are back to their old tricks again. With all the other pressing civic issues being left to stray in the wind, the dynamic duo have decided it's time for Council to send the BC Liberals a stern shot across the bow.

First up is Meggs' motion asking for Council to vote for an increase to the provincial minimum wage from $8 to $10 per hour as well as the scrapping of the training wage. Adding 25% to the hourly labour costs of some small businesses in the midst of a world-wide recession appears to be yet another case of Vision's voodoo economics. Not to mention the fact the City of Vancouver has absolutely no jurisdiction over the provincial minimum wage.

Then Mayor Robertson decides to end the diplomatic and pragmatic discussions he's been having with the Premier and Minister Coleman by sending an ultimatum motion on social housing. Robertson is challenging the BC Liberals to publicly commit to providing the City of Vancouver with another $27.5 million in funding to pay for their housing strategy. Other than pure partisan politics, it's unclear why the Mayor just didn't pick up the phone and call both Carole James and Premier Campbell directly to make the ask himself?

It's pretty obvious that both of these motions have been strategically timed for maximum impact during the current provincial election. They also come on the heels of Geoff 'Mayor' Meggs giving Mayor Robertson a dressing down for openly campaigning in support of the Premier at a public event. Clearly Meggs and his friends in Victoria were not amused by the public comments made by the former NDP MLA.

We all knew that it was too good to be true that Vision and their left-leaning supporters would pass up the opportunity to weigh in to the provincial election debate. Unfortunately for the citizens of Vancouver, this type of mischievous activity will likely end up backfiring on Meggs and friends.


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Why is this Council getting so involved with Provincial politics?? Run the damn CITY!!! You have been elected by the taxpayers of Vancouver to run the city so start putting your focus on that job, Meggs!! Good god, I'm getting so tired of this crap!

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