The ongoing saga of Raymond Louie's donors

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Direct link to Raymond Louie's donor disclosure document

The Raymond Louie donor saga moves into its next chapter this weekend, with a local blogger releasing the document so the party wouldn't have to be seen to be doing it themselves. It's just the kind of back scratching that happens between media and political people so that the latter can earn a little good press, and the former gets access to scoops. There's nothing wrong with this per se, provided it's balanced with a little critical perspective.

A couple of immediate questions come to mind when reviewing Louie's donor disclosure (download your own copy here):

  1. Why was the disclosure drafted on an official city form if there was no intention by Vision nor Louie to submit it to the City Clerk? The aforementioned reporter tells us that this information was not accepted by the office, but that contradicts our own understanding from the office (we will confirm this when the office opens on Tuesday).
  2. Why is Louie's disclosure form list him as a candidate for mayor, when he never registered with the city as a mayoral candidate? Ladner, Robertson, Krawczyk were all official mayoral candidates, and Louie ran as a councillor. Therefore these monies would have to be considered as part of his marketing campaign as a City Council candidate.

As for the Raymond Louie Count-up Clock™ stopping? Nope. Not until Raymond's donors are filed with the City Clerk's office and posted publicly at Information releases through the back door by favoured media is not our definition of open and transparent public process.

More to come on the Louie donor saga. Stay tuned to

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