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Mayor Robertson's suggestion that City staff were not keeping pace with his program had people sounding off

Thank you, readers. We hit a new record today with over 3000 page views and the day's not over yet. Our breaking news on the departure of yet another senior manager at Vancouver City Hall would have been enough to drive a bit of traffic. But the follow-up remarks by Mayor Robertson that suggested that it was an issue of "productivity" and that staff weren't keeping up with Vision Vancouver's radical overhaul of the civil service in their own image kind of pushed it over the top.

Here's a sampling of tonight's comments courtesy of Frances Bula's post on this subject, CBC News' story, and from our own comments.

Further indications that our Mayor has his head stuck some place that is low in oxygen and high in other foul smelling gases.

Can't keep up, "productivity" issues . . ya right.

Can't wait till Greggy and his new team ride their bikes down to the Vancouver east side to show the homeless the way to their new half-millions dollar condos...
I'd jump that left-of-left ship too.

Could be that Mayor G is having troubles controlling the 'social engineering' plans that often accompany a left-wing council, and that the generally pragmatic senior staff don't want to deal with it anymore.

Is this news? People change jobs all the time in the private sector without the CBC trying to make an X-File out of it.

This has nothing to do with Vancouver City Hall and everything to do with making UBC a municipality of Vancouver so that taxes at UBC are raised from 11% to 14% and so that the Musqueam will lose access to their land.

Yes, there certainly is a lot of "greening" happening at City Hall. Silly me, I had no idea it was going to be that shade of green on the 20 dollar bill. I'm a little green with envy not being part of it.

I’m wondering after the consistently bad messaging coming out of his mouth, and the continued arrogance he seems to show when answering many questions from the media, if your opinion from before has changed, and how?

Why get branded as one of "The Monty Python Flying Circus" !

The folly of the Vancouver voters is starting to be revealed.

It ain't going to be pretty !!

this is what happens when the people elect someone who knows nothing about how to run a big organization.

Gregor and crew are out to shove their agendas through before the next election and not giving any consideration of how to run a City. Not only is he going green, he’s showing that he’s green behind the ears. Get with it, Mayor Robertson. As a taxpayer, I want a City that is well-run and not just about backyard chickens and garden plots.

There is definitely a pattern of choking at certain critical moments or not recognizing the political impact of what he says. It’s something that even his team have got to be worried about.

I would quit too if I found out I could get a $572,000 severance and a continued car allowance until I found my next job.

James Ridge's departure is going to strike yet another sad chord in City Hall. It was only 4 months ago that Jody Andrews left and that left a large number of people working at the hall very saddened and disillusioned about this new council. This council is pushing as much of their agenda through as possible and don't give a damn about staff nor the impact on the city overall. God, I can't wait for another election....

I am a city employee who (regretfully) voted for Gregor and am disgusted by his public comments. James Ridge is a highly competent, dedicated and driven public servant who did his best to protect and improve on the interests of the City. Gregor’s comments are slanderous - inaccurate and disrespectful.

Maybe he’s trying to save us some money by ticking management off so badly that they quit instead of having to be pushed so that we don’t have to pay them severance.

Heck, why hire/promote an experienced municipal staff member, when you can hire a hematologist without any municipal experience. I'm thinking about having knee surgery done and was looking for a good architect. This council and mayor are all about politics and little about good management.

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