MP Don Davies: "Me & Raymond, we're cool"

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jack layton & don davies
MP Don Davies, right, with NDP Leader Jack Layton: Don't mess with me, Louie

In what may turn out to be yet another case of Never Say Never in politics, NDP Member of Parliament for Vancouver-Kingsway Don Davies slammed the door shut for Raymond Louie's shot at life in Ottawa.

Commenting on on our story last Thursday that Coun. Raymond Louie is considering dumping his lowly $55,629 salary as a Vancouver City Councillor for better compensation and tickets in business class. Not to mention a shot as a Federal cabinet minister if the Grits form Canada's national government again. Davies wrote the following:

You ask when Raymond Louie stated publicly that he wasn't running for the Liberals in Kingsway.

Well, I don't know about publicly, but I can tell you he called me personally two days ago to tell me the rumours were completely untrue.

I hope this is good enough to stop what is obviously groundless speculation at best, and deliberate mischief-making at worst.

Our Liberal Party sources will be disappointed that Coun. Louie is slamming the door shut on them.

Speculation on Coun. Louie's possible move to the Federal scene heated up after he attended a recent fundraiser dinner of the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. In our story we provided a little history lesson of both the direct connections Louie has to the Liberal party, and the precedent for NDP candidates crossing over into the Liberal fold here in Vancouver.

We also noted that Louie appears to be not fitting in playing second fiddle to the man who beat him in the contest for the Vision mayoral nod.

Naturally, Louie would want to let the public and his supporters, many of whom are Liberals, what his intentions are on his own time. As for his statement made in private to Davies about the rumours being "completely untrue," that's a little different than saying he won't run in Vancouver-Kingway, isn't it?

Another detail that our Louie running for the Liberals story produced is that Raymond's $240,000 mayoral nomination donor disclosure was available to "every reporter who asked for a copy," according to Vision Vancouver board president Marcella Munro. Again, the statement is a weaselly one, as first off we know reporters who are still waiting for copies of Louie's disclosure to Vision, and we know that the Courier's Mike Howell had to fight tooth and nail to get a copy.

As we keep on reminding Mr. Louie and Ms. Munro, this story does not end until the papers are filed with the City Clerk's office and made available to the public.

We're at 264 days and counting that Louie's donors have been hidden away. You can continue to track Raymond Louie Count-up Clock™ at the top left of the page at

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