Metro Mayors now must make decision on new remand centre

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The jig is up for Metro Vancouver mayors

Nothing like the smell of a provincial election to muddy the waters of Metro Vancouver and the hot potato of the provincial remand centre is back in play...just as Burnaby Mayor, Derek Corrigan had hoped.

Although the Willingdon site is felt to be the most efficient based on zoning and the historic use, the Province has said the Metro Vancouver mayors get to decide who gets the regional centre. The Lower Mainland needs new pre-trial capacity and some lucky and smart municipality is going to score the pre-trial centre that the Burnaby Corrigans (Mayor and NDP candidate) have decided to play politics with instead.

So the Metro Vancouver mayors now get to wade through the 58 potential site report and then bring forward a recommendation by September 1. And the province is adding a paid justice consultant to the mix.

Some smart mayor is going to figure out with all the attention to gangs and crime, and the dollars pouring into the issue by both the Feds and Province, that there might be a good municipal cash-flow opportunity with crime.

Which may just show that crime CAN pay – to the city with the vision to take on the facilities for housing the bad guys.

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