Just announced: new streetcars for Toronto

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Montreal-based Bombardier has beat out Germany’s Siemens to build 204 streetcars for the TTC – a contract worth $1.22 billion

The sleek, quasi-futuristic streetcars will be gliding along Toronto’s 19th century streetcar tracks by 2011-2012, carrying twice as many passengers as the old clunkers.

This is Bombardier’s second kick at the can. Last summer, it seemed to have the winning bid until it was revealed that the proposed design wouldn’t jive with TO’s ancient tracks. Bombardier was quite irked, and said the TTC fouled up the process and ignored that Bombardier could make the necessary modifications. The TTC sheepishly agreed to start the whole process over again. And bingo! the contract goes back to Bombardier.

At least 25 per cent of the vehicles must be made with Canadian parts and labour and Thunder Bay, ON is ready to handle this massive project – the largest light-rail vehicle purchase in North American history.

City Council members who sit on the TTC will vote on the contract on Monday, April 27.

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