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judy_rogersDaniel and I hooked ourselves up with tix for tonight's Judy Rogers tribute. Through the miracle of technology known as an iPhone we'll be posting brief updates tonight on a live blog from the event.

6:06 pm It's a veritable who's who of Vancouver's civil service here. Just saw Larry Beasley & Ann McAfee together. Daniel is being greeted like a celebrity (blogger). No sign yet of any of the current Vision Council. Check our Twitter for Daniel's updates.

6:49 Table featuring former Councillors Ball & Lee, Sam and Suzanne Anton up front. Getting good tips on what's happening at the Hall. Susan Mundick is providing opening remarks.

8:01 Very festive mood in the room. Ken Dobell just about to speak. The cheesecake was amazing.

8:34 Philip Owen gets good laughs and then repeats the recurring theme of the evening -- which is keep City Hall staff apolitical.

9:15 Daniel's Tweets are filling a lot of the evening's details. Seven Dwarfs sketch features line-up of "retired" senior staff (Holdgate, Andrews, Rudberg, etc). Good fun.

Judy gives an emotional speech describing her pride of the legacy of the staff who worked with her.

9:40 Donald MacPherson says to the room before playing his fiddle that "we must acknowledge some sadness in the room. This is a time of transition."

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