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Vancouver drivers maneuver their way on to the new restricted Burrard Street Bridge

The much anticipated staff report regarding the future of the Burrard Street Bridge is now in and it looks like motorists are going to have to put on their signal light and merge a hard left. The report, first published exclusively on Mayor Meggs' website, states that approximately $30 million dollars worth of regular maintenance is needed in order to keep the bridge in good operating condition. Despite knowing this, Vision Councillor Heather Deal continues to spin out inaccurate statements claiming that supporting the lane closure will "help save taxpayers $63 million dollars."

According to the report, the temporary lane closure trial will initially cost city taxpayers approximately $1.5 million dollars. If the trial becomes permanent, staff are unsure as to how much it will all cost:

Detailed designs and estimates have not been prepared for permanent lane re-allocation options or for infrastructure repairs only, so the cost estimates for these options are not as well refined.

It appears the option being supported by the Vision majority is to shut down one lane of traffic despite the report stating:

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