I praised Premier because there were no voters in the room, says Mayor Robertson

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Mayor Robertson in hot water for publicly supporting Premier Campbell and the BC Liberals

The story of Mayor Gregor Robertson campaigning for BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell got a bit stranger today now that he is distancing himself from his own statements. Boy, Mayor Meggs must have really taken the 'real' Mayor out to the back of the wood shed for quite a while over Robertson's remarks about the Premier winning a 'three-peat'.

Regarding his effusive comments for Premier Campbell and the BC Liberals, the former NDP MLA told fellow civic affairs blogger Frances Bula:

“I was over-exuberant in introducing the premier to an international audience. There were almost no voters there. I wasn’t thinking politically."

Huh? Does Robertson make one statement when voters are in the room, then another when voters are out of sight? That is in essence what he told Bula. What else could explain his remarks?

I'm increasingly hearing that a number of NDP folks are choked with Robertson, and that includes the leader of his own NDP party.

Now that Robertson's comments have shown up on page 31 of the BC Liberal campaign platform document, there are more than a few NDPers I've spoken to today who think the Mayor didn't make those comments without realizing the impact they'd have on Carole James and her team. As one of them whispered to me...'it's just too convenient. James loses on May 12th and Robertson is well positioned to become heir apparent."

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out for Robertson over the coming weeks, but in the short-term, his supportive statement of Campbell's BC Liberal team have served as a major blow to the NDP in the early days of this provincial election campaign.

Check out our new poll question which asks whether Mayor Robertson's effusive statements in support of the Premier will have an impact on the upcoming provincial election.


Gregor truly makes me speechless. What a naive way of thinking.

Typical BC Liberal spin - simply because Robertson isn't a boor hardly makes him a Campbell supporter.

Of course he's embarrassed now - why wouldn't he be? Fact is the CEO's record is so bad, his lies so frequent and his broken promises so thick on the ground that the disconnect between what Robertson said about Campbell and the reality of the disaster that one-man government has visited on the province makes Gregor's statement little more than an ironically bad joke.

At the 2008 SUCCESS gala I was joined at our table by Carole James, Jenny Kwan and Gregor Robertson (not yet mayor). I was struck by the fact that all three of them ignored the other seven people at our table after brief introductions and spoke only to each other, then sat there and ate the dinner rather than working the room. This despite the fact that they had their Chinese-Canadian MLA in tow to help with translation and PR. Granted there were very few prospective NDP voters at the event, but still. In contrast, Wally Oppal spent the entire evening table-hopping, shaking over a thousand hands.
I took the opportunity to tell Robertson "Gregor, forget 12th & Cambie. You should be trying for her job (indicating Ms. James)". He smiled politely but maintained a diplomatic silence.

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