Gregor: Outgoing senior management couldn't keep up with Vision's pace

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James Ridge (Vancouver Sun photo)
James Ridge (Vancouver Sun photo)

In what has to be yet another blow to Vancouver's accomplished public service, Mayor Gregor Robertson is blaming increased workload as the reason why his top managers are all quitting before the 2010 Olympics.

In a story by Jeff Lee of the Vancouver Sun titled "Mayor blames agenda, Olympics for bureaucrats' resignations," Robertson cited the "increased tempo" and his government's focus on "productivity" for today's loss of Deputy City Manager James Ridge among many others. This is the first time anyone in the new City government has publicly suggested that Vancouver's civil service was not up to the job.

"We're doing more in these last several months than I think city hall has achieved in several years' time," boasted Robertson without a single shred of evidence to back up this claim. The Mayor also blamed "pressure of 2010" in reference to the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games the City has been preparing for over the last several years. Eyes are rolling all over Vancouver City Hall today in response.

This morning broke the story of Ridge's departure from Vancouver City Hall after only 2 years of employment. He is taking up a new position at UBC, and is taking a modest reduction in salary by making the move. Vision Vancouver has insisted that both Penny Ballem and new CFO Patrice Impey also took "pay cuts" for their new roles at 12th & Cambie.

It's believed that more news of significant departures in Vancouver's public service are still to come.


Further indications that our Mayor has his head stuck some place that is low in oxygen and high in other foul smelling gases.

Can't keep up, "productivity" issues . . ya right.

The onward march of the new socialist horde at City Hall has its casualties and gulags.

Don't suppose he was just a reasonably ambitious manager who shifted to this city in hopes of becoming city manager one day, saw someone was hired instead of him and has now moved off to UBC, hoping to climb that ladder instead?

No fuss about Estelle Lo's departure, I see.... interesting. Of course, that was under Sullivan's command.

James Ridge's departure is going to strike yet another sad chord in City Hall. It was only 4 months ago that Jody Andrews left and that left a large number of people working at the hall very saddened and disillusioned about this new council. This council is pushing as much of their agenda through as possible and don't give a damn about staff nor the impact on the city overall. God, I can't wait for another election....

Heck, why hire/promote an experienced municipal staff member, when you can hire a hematologist without any municipal experience. I'm thinking about having knee surgery done and was looking for a good architect. This council and mayor are all about politics and little about good management. The senior staff are leaving like rats on a sinking ship.

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