Gregor goes to bed without supper for Campbell comments

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"Mayor" Meggs and Mayor Robertson came to an understanding on his praise for the Premier

Whoa. What a colourful demonstration of how things work now at City Hall.

The very fine Carlito Pablo of the Georgia Straight has a delicious interview with Geoff "Mayor" Meggs and his explanation of Robertson's "regret" over demonstrating boisterous enthusiasm for the BC Liberal Premier:

"My concern is that people will read this as a partisan statement, and I don’t think it was intended that way," Meggs said. "The mayor regrets that his language was a bit unguarded."

Unguarded? How about naked? Gregor gave The Full Monty to Gordon.

Even Allen Garr had to drop everything upon his return from a European vacation and do damage control:

If it hasn't happened already, expect a statement from Robertson, um, clarifying his position on all these matters.

As someone at last night's Judy Rogers' tribute dinner stated, Gregor's comments were no accident. This is the long play that sees Carole James unseated as NDP leader, and the Farmboy Mayor moving back to Victoria.

That might be giving Gregor too much credit, but it is certainly amusing to see Allen Garr, Geoff Meggs and Rod Mickleburgh all doing their damnedest to make sure their guy stays on message.

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It's always interesting to see the inner politics of the BC NDP played out in the media, the pull and tug between the traditional left and the faction that wants to be seen as more "centrist" or "populist" (or would that be "popular").
Maybe the Mayor has an agenda to be considered more grassroots, appealing to a centrist type of voter; at the very least, the Mayor probably thinks that working together with the provincial government is always better for the city. Although, I would argue in Vancouver's case, that a Mayor that works cooperatively with the established city bureaucracy that runs the city is better for residents.

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