EXCLUSIVE: "He doesn't know what he's talking about" says Mayor Watts

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Dianne Watts
Mayor Dianne Watts recently sat down with CityCaucus.com for an exclusive interview

As part of our The New Surrey: Fact or Fiction series, CityCaucus.com had the opportunity to recently sit down with Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts for a one-on-one interview regarding the future of her city. On Sunday April 5th we will post the complete interview that touches on the issues of regional policing, the Olympics, TransLink and much more.

During the interview, Mayor Watts had the opportunity to respond to criticisms from Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson that suburban cities aren't pulling their weight when it comes to policing in the region. So what does her Worship think about those comments? Here's a preview:

Plain and simple he doesn’t know what he’s talking about...So to say that because we don’t have as many police officers as Vancouver we are not pulling our weight is really an unfair statement. Quite frankly it is offensive not only to us as mayors but to the policing community to suggest they are not doing their job.

Mayor Watts also reveals what she plans to do to help develop a new economic development strategy for the Metro Vancouver region. Check back here tomorrow to read the unedited interview in its entirety.

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The real problem here is the Vision-dominated council. Gregor has to cater to their every loonie whim, so, as a result we are getting no fiscal responsibility or real solutions to budget shortfalls (except raising property taxes during a terrible recession). Instead we get chickens, more homeless shelters and gardens at City Hall. Crime is rampant in the city while they tend their vegetable patch and spend more money on reports for their pet projects.

On top of this, we have a mostly absent mayor, who puts one of the loonies in control of the hen house while he's off vacationing or just chilling in his million-dollar home.

Now Gregor is playing with political fire by trashing neighbouring cities and law enforcement. How incredibly irresponsible.

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