150,000 page views since December!

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whoa! 150,000!!
Breathtaken! Our #1 CityCaucus.com reader Ms. Sissy Miller can't believe the hits...

Hey thanks, everyone. We just hit another milestone today - 150,000 page views since our inaugural launch on December 8, 2008.

We've enjoyed exploring many storylines in the past 4 months. Starting with the $85,000 inaugural bash Vision Vancouver threw for themselves on the taxpayer dime, to the Snowmageddon mess, or the "double-dipping" of the Hoggan PR contract, or the multiple departures of senior staff, or the Raymond Louie donor questions, gardens, chickens, the blocked freedom of information requests, bizarre US donor money trails, expanded secrecy and increased in-camera meetings, political in-fighting, and the odd statements and tweets of our beloved Mayor Robertson, right up to the generous gold-plated contract of Vancouver's new CFO.

In many or most of these cases, you heard about it hear first on CityCaucus.com. We will continue to work hard to break stories and keep our readers plugged into what's truly happening at City Halls around the country.

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