What will be Vancouver's next rallying cry?

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With less than one year to go before the Olympic Games, it will all be over before Canadians know it. The staging will be coming down and the sporting events and festivities will all be but a distant memory. I fully anticipate the Games will be a tremendous success, and it will forever change the way the world looks at Vancouver and British Columbia.

It’s been proven that Olympic host cities go through a real funk after the Games are over. I would suggest you read Frances Bula's story in BC Business Magazine if you want more info on that subject. So if Metro Vancouver is headed for a massive funk, what is the region doing to top the Olympics?

Now you may think it is a bit premature to be talking about the next big event before we’ve even finished the first, however, I disagree. Now is the time for Vancouver to pull together some of our best and brightest and look at what opportunities might exist after the Games. What about bidding on the Summer Olympics? Now there’s the mother of all events.

If not the Summer Olympics, what else is out there? How about another bid for a World Exposition? We all know what Expo '86 did for Vancouver, and there is a good chance it could be replicated.

After speaking with a few friends, we came up with a list of 10 events or activities the region could rally behind over the next 12 months. They're in no particular order.

  1. Secure an NHL Winter Classic Hockey Game for the new BC Place Stadium.
  2. Put in a joint bid with Seattle to host the World Cup of Soccer
  3. Host the world’s largest Tall Ship Festival in Burrard Inlet
  4. Bring King Tut collection to Vancouver
  5. Play host to the Bollywood Awards which is broadcast to 1 billion people in India
  6. Ask the Pope, Dalai Lamai and world spiritual leaders to meet in Vancouver for a special multi-faith mass
  7. Invite Prince Charles and Camilla to make their first official visit as a married couple to Vancouver
  8. Play host to the ICC Cricket World Cup
  9. Host Miss Universe pageant
  10. Put in a bid to get a Major League baseball team in Vancouver

Regardless of which idea you might like best, the concept of pulling Vancouver together to work on a major project is a good one. Let’s hope someone out there is inspired by this blog and they get going soon! Are there any ideas you think we might have missed? Let us know.

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