Survey says: Vision/COPE favour credit unions, NPA big banks

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Survey says!

There have been a lot of stories in the media and blogoshere lately about all the millions of dollars being donated to various civic parties in Vancouver and throughout Metro Vancouver. As expected, there were a bunch of stories about how much the unions gave to Vision, and how much developers gave to the NPA...yawn.

We thought we'd provide our readers with analysis that no other blog or main stream media outlet will be providing to you.

Our crack research team decided we would analyze which financial institution the Vision, COPE and NPA candidates chose to manage those millions in donations. The information was retrieved off the candidate disclosure documents.

Overall, credit unions were the financial institution of choice for a majority of candidates with Vancity topping the list having been chosen by 4 candidates. Next in line was HSBC, with three candidates selecting them over other banks. Here is a full list of who selected which financial institution.

Anton (NPA) - TD Canada Trust

Ball (NPA) - VanCity Credit Union

Bickerton (NPA) - RBC

Cadman (COPE) - CCEC Credit Union

Capri (NPA) - CIBC

Chow (Vision) - Canada Trust

Copeland (NPA) - BMO

Deal (Vision) - Vancity

Dhaliwal (Vision) - CIBC

Geller (NPA) - HSBC

Houghton (NPA) - Scotia Bank

Jang (Vision) - Vancity

Lee (NPA) - HSBC

Louie (Vision) - Vancity

Meggs (Vision) - Community Savings Credit Union

Reimer (Vision) - CCEC Credit Union

Sidhu (NPA) - G & F Financial

Stevenson (Vision) - None

Wong (NPA) - HSBC

Woodswoorth (COPE) - CCEC Credit Union

91%* of the Vision/COPE candidates chose to go with credit unions, while 80% of all the NPA candidates chose one of the big banks. So the real question is...does the financial institution you bank at say anything about your political leanings...?

* Stevenson did not declare a financial institution

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