Vancouver taxpayers subsidize social housing for Burnaby residents

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Why is it that Vancouver's disadvantaged are not given priority for the new social housing units being constructed at the Athlete's Village?


I’ve been reading a lot of stories lately about how the cost of social housing in Vancouver has skyrocketed to almost $600,000 per unit. With homelessness still being an urgent problem in Vancouver, clearly something must be done to address this pressing social issue.

The one thing that has always struck me as odd is the fact that there are no residency requirements for all the new social housing being built and paid for by Vancouver taxpayers. That’s right, in theory, all that social housing being built in Vancouver could be turned over to people from in Burnaby, Port Moody and Richmond.

It's doubtful that most city taxpayers know that the social housing they’re helping to pay for may never actually go to helping get Vancouver's disadvantaged and homeless off the streets.

How it works is people in need of social housing units put themselves on a BC Housing wait list. When units become available, BC Housing reviews the wait list and determines who is entitled to move into them. There is no requirement that social housing units funded in whole or in part by Vancouver taxpayers will actually go to needy Vancouver residents – full stop.

So is it fair that Vancouver citizens may not have preferential treatment when it comes to accessing social housing built by the City? Let us know what you think.


At $600,000 a unit I hope Vancouverites are going to ask some serious questions as to why. Why in Vancouver and why on False Creek? People, give your heads a shake. Why are we building social housing in downtown Vancouver? Is anyone going to buy a $1,000,000 condo next to a unemployed recovering drug addict who doesn't work and who has been handed a gift that they don't appreciate? One $600,000 unit could buy ten 3 bedroom homes in McBride. Why don't we sell the units at fair market value and send people who want affordable housing to the interior where the cost of living is cheaper? People who can't afford to live in Vancouver shouldn't expect to live in Vancouver. Why do people live in Chilliwack? Because they can't afford a house in Vancouver! Nothing is worth having unless you have to work for it. What is wrong with people? Why do so many people want something for nothing and expect everyone to pay for the things they want. Why do people feel it is a right to live where they want and can't afford? Should I expect to live in the British Properties if I can't afford to buy a house there?

The units in False Creek are going to be unique..for example, capillary mats will be used for heating (I can just imagine that the thermostats will be ripped out of the wall and sold), holes drilled in the ceiling puncturing all the mats, any luxury item will be ripped out and sold. There are numerous examples that could be given out.

While I don't mind have my money go towards partial subsidizing, it certainly does not mean towards such expensive housing!

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