Vancouver gets promised "car-free days"

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Vision Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer campaigned on a promise of increasing "car-free days" around the city. Well, Vancouver is getting car-free days, just not the ones that Reimer had in mind.

CTV's excellent 2010 reporter for Vancouver Mike Killeen provides a breakdown of what roads will be closed during next year's Games for three weeks.

Jeff Lee over at the Vancouver Sun provides a set of maps on the road closures.

Vision's Andrea Reimer wants our city to do more stuff that looks green, like having backyard chickens and car-free days. Unfortunately for her scheme, not as many in the city share her zeal for closing streets in business districts. Charlie Smith has a good analysis here. She's still trying to look on the bright side despite the setback.

Originally an opponent of Vancouver hosting the Olympics, Reimer must take some solace that the Games are bringing about her car-free wish.

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