Timing of costly City Hall renovations questioned

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Ted Field of GlobalTV BC looks at Vancouver's preparations for receiving dignitaries at City Hall during the 2010 Olympic Games and the cost during tough economic times.

On the one hand Councillor Kerry Jang argues that a bit of polish goes a long way to impress dignitaries, heads of state, etc. On the other hand Councillor David Cadman thinks it's pointless and expensive to buff up 12th and Cambie for, as he puts it, a 2-week event.

Ted really has a nose for a good story, and proceeds to give the Mayor's rejected office chairs the sniff test (video link). He really leans into it, too.

His verdict? They still smell a bit. So much for our scientific tests.

Ted also thinks the chairs are uncomfortable. He has a point – they do look like the teacups you ride in at Disneyland. They're not meant for your home theatre, however. They're meant for short chit-chat sessions between the Mayor and his guests over coffee or Perrier.

You don't "hang" in the Mayor's office to watch the Canucks on a big screen TV, it's meant for business. The chairs are meant to be uncomfortable so that people who come asking for stuff don't stay very long.

Doesn't everyone know that this is basic protocol for the Mayor's office? Sheesh.

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