The Grand March! City staff promote a political rally

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The Long March

Vancouver City staff are closing the gap between their non-partisan and political roles even more by promoting a political protest rally aimed at getting more support from the Provincial & Federal governments. Here is the email below from Judy Graves.

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Subject: Grand March for Housing - Saturday April 4th - pls forward
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I will see all of YOU and all of your friends and relations at the Grand March for Housing afternoon of April 4th!

Please share this e-mail and post the poster.


Announcement from the Citywide Housing Coalition

Grand March for Housing, April 4, 2009

On Saturday, April 4 2009, thousands of people from communities across BC will family-friendly march to demand immediate government action to end homelessness in our cities, build social housing, protect rental housing and raise welfare and minimum wage rates. Join us and show your support for change! 

Information about the times and routes of the march in Vancouver and other locations will be posted soon at:

Communities outside the Lower Mainland will be marching or holding special housing-related events on April 4th.


WHO IS Citywide Housing Coalition?

This march is being organized by the Citywide Housing Coalition, a group of organizers who live in neighbourhoods across the city from West Point Grey to Hastings Sunrise. We believe that public education and raising awareness will result in a change in government policy so that social housing will be built and income levels raised. We came together in the Spring of 2007 when it was clear that the housing promises made in the bid for the 2010 Olympics were not going to be kept. Since then we've organized dozens of actions including the letter writing campaigns, demonstrations, press conferences, marches and "Stands for Housing" in Vancouver and throughout the Province. We have organizers tackling affordable housing issues directly in the West End, the Downtown Eastside, Fraser area and Little Mountain.


- Canada is the only wealthy country in the "G8" without a national housing program

- According to a provincial study, BC tax payers would save $32.8 million annually if governments would build permanent housing and put in supports.

- Welfare rates today are 25% lower than in 1995, once inflation is factored

- Poverty is the single greatest cause of homelessness

- Aboriginal people comprise 32% of the Metro Vancouver homeless population, but only 2% of the general population. Nearly half of the homeless women counted in March 2008 identified themselves as Aboriginal.

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Sounds good...hope to see Mike, Dan and Sam at the rally too...all local residents ofcourse....right guys..?
Lets support the end to homelessness..and kudos for the staff of the city to support and get involved in this ....

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