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Whether it's watching Lost, drinking lattes, going to film festivals, or loving Apple products, the curse of being white is that we're so - white. In Vancouver politics having that Osmond Family cred only gets you so far these days. Look around and you'll notice there are a TON of people who could care less about Yoga or fresh ground pepper.

It's well documented that white people think they know what's best for poor people. But should they be deciding what's best for the Asians? It's possible the Vision/COPE Council may have misjudged how the non-caucasians in their midst might take their policy on poultry.

CBC News reports that Vision's Chickens are not going over well in Vancouver's prominent Chinese community. That's about 35% of Vancouver's population for those who are counting.

"People were concerned about hygiene, the noise and the smell," said Wallace Chan, a host for Fairchild Radio.

Social commentator K.K. Wan believes the dissent comes from Chinese Vancouverites' belief that the city should be dealing with more important issues.

"We wish city hall could focus more attention to those bread-and-butter issues," he said.

Apparently focusing on the economy and managing the City well has some sway among Vancouver's Chinese citizenry. In cities such as Hong Kong there has been an aggressive effort to phase out the sales of live birds because of fears around avian influenza. Such are the risks of cities as they become more dense.

A raging debate of commenters from across the country is underway, with 117 comments posted as of the time of this writing.

One last note. Sandra Thomas, the very fine Courier columnist, has done a little more homework and has another chicken scoop. Was the impetus behind backyard chickens the result of public demand for the idea, and an exhaustive community consultation process? Nope, it was brought about after one person wrote in a letter to City Hall suggesting the idea.

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