Poll Results on Raymond Louie donor disclosure

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Raymond Louie Poll Results

The people have spoken! Overwhelming majority want full disclosure from Vision Vancouver

The results are in from our first Poll and it looks like a bit of a rout for fans of openness and transparency in politics. A whopping 89% of you in our unscientific online poll took the view that the Vision Vancouver Board of Directors had better reveal Councillor Raymond Louie's mayoral nomination donors.

For those who have not been tracking this story, posed the question about six weeks ago as to whether Coun. Louie should make good on his "continuous disclosure" promise.

Exploring the topic further, we learned that Louie had submitted his donor list to Vision Vancouver, who have so far resisted calls to share this information publicly.

In January, sent out an All Party Questionnaire on donor disclosure that both COPE and the NPA responded to fully and immediately. To date we have received no response from Vision Vancouver.

In an interesting wrinkle, we learned that Louie for all his bluster on continuous disclosure while in opposition, may be able to weasle his way out of disclosing thanks to vague rules set out in the Vancouver Charter.

Our most recent information on this file was that the Vision Vancouver executive were meeting on the subject of Louie's mayoral nomination donors, and whether to make the info of his and former Park Commissioner Al De Genova's mayoral nomination campaign donors public.

It seemed like a good topic for our first Poll, and we thank our readers for their feedback. We have a new poll posted now that we hope you'll take the time to respond to.

Now the ball goes back to Vision Vancouver's court. Are they going to become the open and transparent organization they promised to be? We'll see.

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