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We had a look yesterday at the first 90 days of Mayor Gregor Robertson's administration, citing 46 key events that define the highlights and lowlights of Vision's time in government. Well, has its own 90-Day milestone to report today – 100,000 page views. While we don't know how much 100,000 Angolan Kwanzas is, we do know that having our posts viewed 100,000 times is worthy accomplishment for our first 90 days.

While we admit web statistics are sometimes not the most accurate metrics out there, our numbers tell us that just over 57,000 unique visitors have also found themselves on at one time or another since our inaugural launch on December 8th (actually 93 days ago).

Everyone here at CityCaucus Tower, from the 37th floor on down, thanks you for visiting and we hope you keep coming back.


Not sure if the wave has crashed already but looking at the 10 most recent posts no ones commenting (except me..) I come to the site for curiosity and to check on the City Caucus spinometer which (as I work for the City) I can say is often spinning way off - not always accurate -

Other readers see the spin too and unless you make some changes your web-readership will go down...way down...I am sure it is tough to be on the outside looking in since the election but if you want CCaucus to be a success you need to think and write like an unbiassed journalist not a political outsider who can get over the election and now attempt to "spin" your stories with what (we readers) see as an obvious bias...not sure what your long term plans / intentions are but if you want to keep paying the rent at the 37 floor City Caucus tower (its had an addition from the old 26 floor tower) than you need to remove the bias spin ..which would mean giving credit where it is to see a "counter" on your page too!!!

As always we always love your input, Jamie. Our site has a point of view, and we're proud of all of them. There is no such thing as unbiased writing, despite the contorted efforts of some to claim as much.

Maybe someday you can bring the kids on a tour of CityCaucus Tower. We're very proud of our veal fattening pens.

Check out!

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