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npa 2008 disclosure top sheet

NPA's central campaign spends $157,000 less than in 2005 campaign

Vancouver's Non-Partisan Association has filed their 2008 Election Campaign disclosure to the City of Vancouver today, just six days in advance of the March 16th deadline. The central campaign budget indicates the party spent approximately $157,000 less than in the 2005 campaign. The total budget of $1,001,370 does not include all other individual campaign expenditures by the Mayor, Councillors, Park Commissioner or School Board Trustees.

The full disclosure documentation for the NPA campaigns will be posted on the City of Vancouver website.

The total money raised by the NPA's central campaign was $1,004,937, leaving them with $3567 in the bank.

To date no disclosure has been posted by COPE and only one Vision Vancouver disclosure appears on the City of Vancouver website, Councillor Tim Stevenson. will post a further analysis of the campaigns' disclosures in the days ahead.

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