Seven days to go! More NPA candidates disclose their donors

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Just a quick post as our Official Donor Disclosure Countdown Clock is at the one week mark and nearing a close. It looks like Vision and COPE are holding out to the bitter end in their donor disclosure details, which by law must be submitted no later than March 16th.

We're hearing the NPA will have their campaign disclosure wrapped up by early this week. However, several key candidates have already submitted their donations, including mayoral candidate Peter Ladner. Ladner's disclosure statement is here.

City Council candidate Kim Capri has also submitted her campaign disclosure. Park Board candidate Marty Zlotnik has disclosed his campaign numbers, as well as the two NPA School Board Trustees who got elected, Ken Denike and Carol Gibson.

One might conclude from the staggered release of these campaign disclosures by several NPA candidates, that they are taking care of their own documentation with the aid of their individual financial agents. By comparison, not a single Vision nor COPE candidate has disclosed so far.

Peter Ladner received $244,529 in campaign contributions, and spent just shy of that leaving a $456 positive balance. Kim Capri raised $59,832, and spent $37.42 more than that on her campaign.

Zlotnik, a successful businessman and fundraiser himself, raised a pretty impressive $62,230 toward his unsuccessful Park Board campaign. His campaign costs including a large print and advertising spend and totalled $58,699.

Trustees Denike and Gibson spent $5,743 and $8,838 respectively.

We'll have a closer look at the donors behind the big three campaigns in the days ahead.

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