More concern about Metro Vancouver water tunnel troubles

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Kudos to Global TV's Ted Chernecki for his follow-up look (video link) at the troubled Metro Vancouver water tunnel that is now estimated to be at least $200 million over budget. has been tracking this story over the past several weeks. On Monday Ted did this great report on Gregor's Garden.

In an earlier post, we reported that Metro Vancouver, Chaired by Delta Mayor Lois Jackson, sent out a news release on a Friday afternoon to announce the tunnelling project was going to be massively over budget.

Vancouver Councillor Tim "MIA" Stevenson is the Chair of Metro's Water Committee and he boldly predicted to Global TV last year that his project was going to cost regional taxpayers a lot more dough.

"Well certainly there is going to be cost overruns. I'd be kidding if I didn’t say that for sure. Because you can’t have that kind of delay without cost overruns."

Bill Morrell, Metro Vancouver Corporate Relations also took issue with our previous post regarding the massive cost overruns on this project. The public servant posted a comment which stated this blog posting was "simply ignorant or purposefully dishonest."

Then Morrell went on to defend Stevenson's tunnelling project by stating:

"Is the tunnels portion of the project significantly over-budget. Absolutely. Metro Vancouver fully intends to recover those additional costs from the original contract, Bilfinger-Berger, whose refusal to proceed with the work on the basis of its contract precipitated the increase and the delay in completion in the first place."

Needless to say, we at corporate headquarters will continue to dig deep on this tunnelling story and hope to provide our readers with regular updates as new information becomes available.

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Sigh...What I referred to as either ignorant or dishonest was not the post but rather the blogger's specific accusation that the funding announcement was made on a Friday as some nefarious attempt to hide the issue. I pointed out that the board meets on a Friday, that was when the decision was taken, and it was announced immediately. And while Councillor Stevenson needs no defending by me, it is hardly 'Stevenson's tunnelling project', ad hominem spin notwithstanding. The project was approved by the elected representatives that make up the Metro Vancouver Board and well underway long before his appointment as water committee chair.

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