Vancouver mayor one busy boy during spring break

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Mayor Gregor Robertson's secretary prints off his daily intake of email

We all knew that Mayor Gregor Robertson was keen on new technology, but who would have guessed that in a one week period he would have received over 10,000 pages worth of email. That's what has learned after we put in an FOI request asking for copies of his emails for the period covering spring break - Sunday March 15 to Sunday March 22.

In a letter dated March 25, 2009, we were advised by the City that if we wanted to take a peak into the e-reality of Vancouver's new 'open' and 'transparent' Mayor, it would cost us $2680 dollars. Thankfully, City staff are willing to accept a deposit of only $1340 in order to get started printing off these 10,000 pages worth of emails. We're now in discussion with our Finance Department reps on the 14th floor to see if we can extend our line of credit.

To be fair to the non-partisan public service, their invoice regarding how many pages of email the Mayor has in his possession is an estimate provided to them by Mr. Robertson's staff. Unless someone emailed several electronic copies of War and Peace to his worship, it's hard to fathom how anyone could have received 10,000 pages worth of emails in only one week.

Thanks to the kind donations received from a number of you, is now able to proceed with several smaller FOI requests we put in to City Hall that cost considerably less. We hope to have that information in our hands over the coming weeks, and we intend on sharing it with all of our readers.

So far, due to the costs or bureaucratic restrictions, we have been unable to obtain the following through FOI:

  1. Copies of the cellular bills for Laurie Best, Director of Communications for a three month period last fall. We've been advised that taxpayers are not allowed access to public servant's cel bills - period.
  2. Emails for City Manager Penny Ballem
  3. Emails for Laurie Best, Director of Communications 
  4. Emails for Mayor Gregor Robertson for a one week period

On a positive note, the City advised us the first 3 hours of work performed on our $2680 FOI request will be done free of charge. A total value of $90 bucks.

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