Don't Know Your Donors: Raymond Louie's 250 day donor blackout

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raymond louie
Watching the Clock: Raymond

The Raymond Louie Count-up Clock™ hit 250 days today. It's not a milestone that any elected official in this City can be proud of.

Two hundred and fifty days ago today Raymond Louie was required by Vision Vancouver, under terms set out by the party during a March 2008 board of directors, to disclose his campaign donors. July 15, 2008 was thirty days after the Vision Vancouver mayoral nomination, and it is the date where our Count-up Clock begins.

We would like nothing better than to stop the clock. All it will take is for Vision Vancouver to file Louie's disclosure document with the City Clerk's office, and for the City then to post it publicly.

When in opposition Vision Vancouver moved at City Council that there be "continuous disclosure of all donations, limits on campaign spending, and banning union and corporate contributions to civic parties and incumbent members of council."

As Councillor Chow stated then, "The public should know who's giving money to whom." Indeed.

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This story is hilarious. I chuckle everytime I see that clock. What a guy.

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