Large knives, drunken snow plough operators & bribery allegations: the week that was in Canadian cities

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You've heard of the impacts of drinking and driving. But how about if you're driving a City of Montreal snow plough half corked? Mayor Gerard Tremblay told CJAD this week that's he's concerned about a third alleged incident involving snow plough operators who've consumed alcohol while on the job.

Tremblay indicated he wants to open talks with the "blue collar" union to see if there is any way they can partner with the City in helping to curb drinking on the job. According to CJAD:

"A blue collar worker was sent into early retirement after being found with a bottle of beer at the wheel of a city snow-removal vehicle last December. Another blue collar was suspended without pay earlier this week when he was found to have been drinking, and an employee of a snow-removal sub-contractor was caught drunk at the wheel of a snow-removal truck early Wednesday."

Further north in Edmonton, Mayor Stephen Mandell is back at it again with his latest anti-crime initiative. He is calling for new prohibitions of the sale of large knives to be introduced by senior levels of government. Here's what he told the Edmonton Sun:

“We need to find a way to put a strong lobbying position before the federal (and) provincial government if we can’t pass legislation to stop knives being sold in our city. It’s enough already. We maybe should’ve done something earlier, but it seemed under control. Now, it’s back alive and, unfortunately, well and we can’t have that.” 

Bar violence and the subsequent mayhem that flows onto Edmonton's streets is something that's been on the radar of City Council for years. With the City's latest stabbing incident fresh on the minds of Council, there is clearly a lot of room for improvement. The Mayor added:

“We’ve spent an awful lot of time and energy on this, on education and on empowerment teams. Police have been far more active. They put more resources towards controlling those events. We need to make sure this isn’t a pattern, this is an aberration.”

No word yet from representatives of the City's annual Klondike Days whether they will oppose the proposed ban. The ginsu knives booth next to the pierogi palace is a big hit with fairgoers.

In Canada's capital city, Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien's trial is set to begin in about two months and a few more details are emerging for what is going to become a media circus. Mayor Larry is facing charges of attempted bribery and influence peddling.

ATV is reporting that a few more folks have now been subpoenaed to testify including Transport Minister John Baird. In addition, Ottawa Labour Council President Sean McKenny is also expected to take the stand.

The trial date is set for April 27th with a couple dozen folks expected to show up in court and swear on a stack of bibles. Strap on your seat belts folks, our Ottawa correspondent should be really busy with this one. It was kind of getting a little quiet in Ottawa with the transit strike now over.

Do any of you recall the tragic mishap of 500 ducks dying when they landed in a "pond of oily, toxic sludge" in Northern Alberta? It was a stark reminder to all of us SUV-driving city folk that our gas actually has to come from somewhere...and that somewhere is the Alberta tar sands.

The Mayor of Canada's oil capital came to the defense of the oil industry this week after a bunch of big-city American Mayors went on the attack. They passed a resolution at their annual meeting and "singled out Alberta’s oilsands in a resolution calling for national guidelines to track the life-cycle impact of different types of fossil fuels."

Mayor Dave Bronconnier told Canwest News Service that those Mayors need to:

"get the facts on oilsands production.”

Here's another excerpt from the Canwest story:

“This resolution suggests a lack of understanding,” Bronconnier said, adding the U.S. mayors should focus more on promoting energy efficiency, conservation and the adoption of new “green” technologies.

So that folks is the week that was in Canadian cities. See you all back here next Sunday.

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Yes, let's add MORE prohibitions to the list of things we are not allowed to have because the government told us so. Ban knives??

How ironic that Canada and the US refuse to prohibit guns which kills thousands and thousands every year, but a harmless plant like marijuana is outlawed.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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