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terry beechName: Terry Beech, (formerly of Aquilini Investment Group)
Donation to Raymond Louie nomination campaign: $10,000

Terry Beech graduated SFU with Bachelor of Business Administration in 2006. Within a year he was working for Aquilini Investment Group as the Director of Marketing and Development for that company.

Beech is listed as a $10,000 donor for Raymond Louie's mayoral nomination campaign, which took place last Spring.

When contacted Aquilini's offices today we were told that Mr. Beech has not worked for the company "for nearly a year. He's gone back to school."

We asked if there was any forwarding contact information for Terry the response was, "I know he's in England. Cambridge."

We're excited for this young star of business from Metro Vancouver. To give an after tax donation of $10,000 with no tax receipt is not only generous, but it shows a significant faith in our system of democracy. It's also a big vote of confidence in Raymond Louie.

Terry's former boss Francesco Aquilini is generous with many political campaigns, including Vision Vancouver and the NPA. On election night though he parked his support with Vision.

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