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Name: Lesli Boldt
Donation to Gregor Robertson nomination: $100-$499
Donation to Vision Vancouver: $350

lesli-boldtAs part of our ongoing Know Your Donor series, we are looking at some of the small, medium and supersize donors who contributed to the political parties and candidates in the recent Vancouver election. Yesterday we featured both a supersize and mid-size donor to Vision Vancouver.

Our latest installment features Lesli Boldt, a financial contributor to both the nomination campaign of Mayor Gregor Robertson and to the Vision Vancouver party. Some of you may remember Ms. Boldt's name as she recently appeared in our post about Dave Rudberg resigning from his position as the head of Olympic operations for the City of Vancouver. She prepared the special talking points about him wanting to retire to play with his grandchildren.

Ms. Boldt was hired by Laurie Best, Director of Communications to work in the City's non-partisan communications department. We confirmed with the department yesterday that she was hired in April 2008 through an open competition to work there as a Project Manager.

According to the Georgia Straight, Ms. Boldt made a contribution to the Nominate Gregor Robertson Campaign Fund in the $100-$499 category. In addition, she is listed as having made several financial contributions to Vision Vancouver starting back in late 2007.

In a comment posted on CBC online, Boldt took a shot at NPA School Board Chair Ken Denike and called him a hypocrite:

"I find it hypocritical that - in the midst of a civic strike where Mr. Denike's own NPA mayor, Sam Sullivan, is encouraging all citizens to reduce waste, recycle more, and commit to EcoDensity - that Mr. Denike is not willing to provide leadership at the school board or lobby the provincial government to actually practice what they preach and help alleviate waste coming from B.C. schools in the City of Vancouver. They're clearly sending mixed messages to Vancouver's kids."

Ms. Boldt served as a legislative intern in 1993 under then NDP Premier Michael Harcourt's provincial government. Her Linkedin profile states her specialities include "advocacy" and "politics."


It's kind of like how Geoff Plant's lawfirm Heenan Blaikie, has contributed to the NPA since who knows when and then presto, Geoff Plant ends up Civil City Commisioner.

It's a bit different though since this young lady gave $350 to Vision while Heenan has given many thousands to the NPA, including almost $2000 in Geoff Plant's very name this election while he was still under his contract with the City.

Also Ms. Boldt seems to have a position as an assistant in the communications department while Mr. Plant has been receiving $300,000 annually for doing...

I'm curious whether tidbits like these on the NPA side will be available as part of your Know Your Donor segment.

Also, isn't it a bit awkward to be railing about how non-partisan the city bureaucracy is supposed to be while simultaneously printing twice weekly information that a group of obviously anti-Vision city staff send to your blog, some of which I appreciate of course. Do you mean that city staff are supposed to be non-partisan or Non-Partisan?

Michelle, I think there are some major gaps in your argument. Geoff Plant's appointment was a political one. However it was a "Council approved" initiative. There's a big difference between the transparency shown by Mayor S. in pursuing what he felt were his and Council's goals and then going to Council to ask that those initiatives be approved; as opposed to being hired on a corporate level but not mentioning to anyone your political affiliations (aka Laurie Best) and then hiring all your like-minded friends as employees and consultants. Council did not approve Leslie's hiring, Laurie Best did while she was married to Vision's chief communications dude and kept that a big secret until post election. I don't think you could accuse Geoff Plant of being anyone's "mole", I am not sure you could say the same for Laurie and Leslie.

nicely spoken - I couldn't agree more with your point!

I had the pleasure of serving as a Legislative Intern with Lesli in 1992. She was actually chosen as an Intern while the Socreds were in power, incidentally.

Lesli is passionate in her convictions but equally professional in her responsiblities. Knowing her for 17 years, she is a credit to the campaigns she has worked on for her principled approach to politics.

Lesli and I have yet to find a mutually agreeable campaign, but the last time I checked, it was a free country and sometimes we have to accept that people can have political beliefs AND function responsibly at the same time.

I appreciate the fact that good people like Lesli do get involved in politics and do mix it up. We need more people like her.

Moreover, I think we should celebrate people who get off the couch and donate money in small portions like Lesli, no matter what party.

Daniel, Mike, et al --- Good work with the blog...

Thanks, Mike. To your point about mixing it up, getting up off the couch, we're clear supporters of all the above. Daniel and I are lifelong politicos, and advocate loudly to everyone to "get involved!"

We've been pretty clear on about our thoughts of partisan influence in the civil service. Partisanship within the professional civil service undermines the quality of the work done for the public.

There is no doubt that a political life can be and, if possible, should be balanced against a career. Some positions rely upon an immense amount of trust that even a whiff of politics works against you. Positions such as those in the City's Corporate Communications Department must be above reproach because of their important connection to the public.

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