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david chudnovskyName: David Chudnovsky
Donation to COPE: $2200 (in-kind contribution)

Intrepid BC Legislature reporter Sean Holman of Public Eye Online had a Vancouver civic campaign donation item cross his desk, reporting that David Chudnovsky's MLA office supplied telephone equipment in support of COPE's campaign.

The Vancouver-Kensington MLA, who is not running for office again this Spring, quickly disputed the origins of the equipment.

"The person who filled out that form was confused as to the difference between our constituency office and our constituency association," he said. "A letter has already gone to the city explaining the error. And there's a form that amends the form that you have seen. And that letter that will amend that report is going in within the 30 days required."

This donation to COPE does raise a few interesting questions. If in fact he did use his constituency association funds to support the COPE party in Vancouver, does this mean that people can now contribute to provincial parties (and receive a tax credit) in order that they can fund civic campaigns (no tax receipts can be issued in municipal campaigns)?

The other question people are asking is what constituency office telephone equipment was donated to COPE given the fact Mr. Chudnovsky has announced he's not running again? It will be interesting to see a copy of his letter detailing what equipment owned by the NDP in Vancouver Kensington had been on loan to COPE.

It looks like Holman may have stumbled onto an interesting civic/provincial issue. I'm sure he'll keep digging on this one.

David Chudnovsky has been a stalwart supporter of COPE in the past, and served on the party's executive before running as an MLA.

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How did Mr. Chudnovsky come up with the in-kind amount? It has been my experience that when donating used equipment, the depreciation on the original cost of the equipment should be quite substantial. How old is that equipment, anyway?

And if it is new equipment, why would it be donated to the civic party? Why not donated back to his provinicial party? Either way, a shocking waste of funds.

Now, where have I put those damn receipts....

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