Know Your Donor: Convergence Communications Inc.

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Robertson Chief of Staff Mike Magee. Records show his company Convergence Communications donated $38,984.88 since 2004

Name: Convergence Communications Inc. (Mike Magee)
Total Donation to Vision Vancouver: $38,984.88

In the fall of 2007, after some decidedly noisy debate on campaign disclosure and insinuations mainly directed at Mayor Sam Sullivan, Vision Vancouver provided its required supplementary disclosure from the 2005 election campaign.

The debt was now "retired" claimed a letter signed by then Vision Vancouver Financial Agent Geoff Meggs. Indeed, they had raised just over $349,000 dollars since the election. However, they kept spending during the same period, and despite declaring they had paid off their 2005 campaign debt, the organization was still $54,410.14 in the hole.

In that 2007 disclosure statement was a significant donation by Convergence Communications Inc., a consultancy owned and operated by Michael Magee. The total donations given by Magee's company were $27,783.95. Of those donations $15,000 were given within 30 days, and $10,000 was given in the form of two payments (on September 30, 2006), according to Vision's sworn statement.

During a period before 2008 Magee served as President on Vision Vancouver's Board of Directors. He is now Chief of Staff to Mayor Gregor Robertson.

Prior to the 2007 disclosure, Magee's company paid $1200.93 toward the 2005 election campaign according to the party's 2005 record. The $28K donation from 2007 was used to help pay off Vision Vancouver's campaign debt of $170,000 from their 2005 campaign.

During the 2008 campaign Convergence gave just one payment of $10,000 on November 11th, just one week before Election Day.

Mike Magee, according to records at the Ministry of Finance, is the sole director of Convergence Communications. A record search earlier this year indicated that the company last filed its annual report in Fall 2006. If annual reports are not filed after a certain time the Ministry begins a dissolution process. The BC Company Summary on the public record dated February 2009 for Convergence states, "This Company is in the process of being dissolved."

The company's website describes Convergence Communications as follows:

The Convergence team serves diverse groups and individuals committed to a vision of positive social and environmental change. We believe strongly in the inherent intelligence and power of people and movements. Through facilitation, training, convening, leadership coaching, and strategic counsel, we help groups and individuals unleash that power with gusto, skill and compassion.

They include among their clients, Endswell Foundation, Renewal Partners, Tides Canada Foundation, & Sage Foundation. They also list Seattle's Bullitt Foundation as clients.

Convergence shares an address with Renewal, Endswell, Tides Canada and Sage, Suite 200 - 163 Hasting Street, also known as the Tides Renewal Centre.

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