Judy Rogers severance revealed: $571,788

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Incoming City Manager Ballem to receive $304K salary plus vehicle allowance

CityCaucus.com has just learned through an FOI request we filed last month that the cost of Mayor Gregor Robertson's decision to fire former City Manager Judy Rogers was $571,788.

The very fact that there is a severance package, and a considerable one at that, casts doubt on Mayor Gregor Robertson's public statement that this was a "mutual agreement" to part company and not a firing.

In fact, staff legal advice was provided about the "cessation" of Judy Rogers employment with the City of Vancouver. CityCaucus.com shared in a previous post that Rogers' severance would be several hundred thousand dollars.

The meeting minutes show that Judy Rogers' position was readily filled by incoming City Manager Penny Ballem. We have also received a copy of Penny Ballem's contract and have learned that she is being compensated $303,958, plus the use of a vehicle.

CityCaucus.com has some interesting details on how this information was circulated to the media, which we will be sharing in a subsequent post later today. So be sure to tune back in here soon.

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