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Beginning today is making a few changes including a new series we've dubbed Know Your Donor. When civic parties begin submitting donor disclosure reports over 100 pages long, we think it's time to help the public to understand who is paying for elections in Vancouver.

We'll also ask what we think is the obvious question (but no one else seems to): why? Why are so many people and special interests willing to put so much money into who runs Vancouver City Hall?

Vancouver just experienced its first $4 million election campaign. If you include the cost of the 2007 labour dispute by CUPE which had as one of its goals regime change at Vancouver City Hall, the tab almost doubles.

We'll also analyze how the millions collected are spent, how much debt is accrued by parties and candidates, and discuss what policy changes are coming down the pike on campaign spending.

This special series will focus just on the City of Vancouver, but may on occasion look at the experiences of other jurisdictions. As usual, we look forward to our readers' input on what we've found, what we've missed, and what it all means.

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