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UFO crash lands in Vancouver
The party that once supported international space treaties appears set for a crash landing

With their senior elected official David Cadman generating tonnes of carbon emissions on his way to attend environmental meetings around the Globe, is COPE flying so far under the radar they're on the verge of crashing to Planet Earth? This reality seems to be coming closer to fruition now that word is leaking out COPE has been kicked out of their headquarters.

The "official" COPE headquarters used to be located in offices owned by Louis - that is until he recently removed the welcome mat. For many years, it was Louis that personally subsidized COPE's operations as they all but floundered in the political wilderness.

It's been reported that Mr. Louis held a series of meetings with concerned progressives on the left of Vancouver's political spectrum. As a result, there are now serious discussions taking place regarding whether Vancouver's 'progressive left' should set up a brand new political party to challenge the real NPA and pretend NPA (Vision).

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