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Gregor's Garden caught the attention of Global TV's Ted Chernecki in this report (video link) whereby he points out that almost all of the north lawn of city hall could be turned into a vegetable patch if the Mayor and his Vision colleagues get their way.

The latest "symbolic" photo-op by Vancouver's new Mayor is turning out to smell a lot more like rotting vegetables now that city taxpayers are getting wind of Robertson's most recent scheme to save the planet.

Rest assured, will be monitoring this project over the coming months to see how much taxpayers will be on the hook to complete these community vegetable plots at city hall. We'll keep you posted.


Why are you guys so hot under the collar about this garden? Sure it's hokey symbolism, but really, it's also a garden, which is kind of a good thing, no? I'm not sure it's the best use of money, but it seems to have really struck a nerve with you - why?

And as for these plans that were in course to revamp the City Hall lawns (which could certainly use a revamping of any kind), can someone cough them up? Where are the renderings, where was the competition, where's the buzz?

Everyone has their issues, for some it's billboards, in this case it's empty political gestures, subverting public process, and wasting taxpayer dollars during an economic slump.

I've made most of my arguments in a previous post, but there's a clear difference between being green like St. Patrick's Day, and being green like reducing your carbon footprint. For the Mayor it's about the former.

Suzuki, if he indeed was involved in the decision, should know better than suggesting a stunt like this. So should Harcourt.

Here's one link describing the landscape process that has been underway:

Check out!

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