Former City Manager love-in planned for April

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jody-rogersAn interesting invitation appeared in my inbox earlier today. It was for a party to celebrate the "good old days" at Vancouver City Hall...that is, when former City Manager Judy Rogers was still at the helm.

According to the invitation, the Corporate Management Team is planning a special celebration for Judy Rogers, who was recently fired by Mayor Robertson and his Vision colleagues.

The event is planned for April 8th, and I would expect there will be a good showing of Roger's former colleagues.

Given how many people Mayor Robertson and his crew have been pushing out the door at City Hall lately, you'd think the dinner committee may want to consider holding a group event...I heard you can get cheaper rates that way.

Oddly enough, the invitation for the event is coming from what remains of the Corporate Management Team. No word yet on whether new City Manager Penny Ballem or her partner Marion Lay have purchased a table.

For those interested in attending, they can send their cheques payable to the "Judy Rogers DInner" and send them to Penny Ballem's Office which currently resides on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

You can expect similar events in the coming months for other senior staff who've either been shown the door or resigned in disgust. Who said Vancouver is a no-fun city...with all these exit parties, the Mayor is doing his part to keep this town rockin!

Here is a copy of the invitation. This is one event I don't plan to miss!

Corporate Management Team (CMT)

is pleased to invite you & your spouse/partner
to an evening in honour of
Former City Manager, Judy Rogers

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
No host reception 5:30 PM
Dinner 6:30 to 9:00 PM

Pacific Room – Located at the PNE Coliseum
Cost $ 60.00 per person

Dress: Business Casual

RSVP or enquiries: by Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We need to know

Your Name:_______________________________

Telephone number:_________________________

Number of people attending: _________________

Cheques payable to “Judy Rogers Dinner”
Mailing address: City Manager’s Office, 3rd Floor,
453 W 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4




I'm sure a number of people will be attending this party. Judy was well respected by many and it still disgusts me how this current regime is behaving.

judy who? who cares,she probably won,t even show up for this dinner,considering her past track record of disappearing from view when the citizens of vancouver needed her most but still managing to waddle up to the public trough to the tune of 320,000 a year.the only people who will show up will be the bitter,ex management staff who helped foster the previous poison work environment at city hall.i bet sam sullivan has already accepted the invite,him and judy are a good pair,GOOD RIDDANCE!

It is the citizens of Vancouver and city staff who whould be celebrating that the team of Rogers, lap dog Jody Andrews etc are gone. The "good-old" days of lack of accountability and old style of hiding behind the wall as civil servants when things got tough are over at City Hall.

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