Deal's decision to shut out MMA not going over well

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Vancouverites sound off on Vision's decision to pull the plug on mixed martial arts

The blogoshere went berzerk this afternoon when Councillor Deal and her Vision/COPE colleagues decided to give mixed martial arts the big thumbs down in Vancouver. The following are some of the comments flowing in to the Vancouver Sun's website which prominently features a story about Vision's decision.

"Did any of you seriously think that the Juice man mayor and his council of green thumbs, were going to approve this. Apparently all of you are taking too many shots to the head in those mma fights. These guys are more concerned with backyard chickens, gardens on the front lawn of city hall and closing the burrard bridge for cyclists than they are about anything else. We have three more years of this folks. If you're not homeless or want chickens in your yard don't expect anything out of this council. At least I can say I voted NPA - what abou the rest of you useless rubes who voted Vision....hahahahahaha" - Terry

"Argh! We were so close. I can't believe the NDP council didn't put this on. I will remember this in May when I vote Liberal! That party would put a high cost on the economic value of the event and this sport. The NDP council is brutal - tell me one good thing they have done - let me grow chickens? Give me a break! It's like I'm back in the stone age. MMA is here now - show me my MMA." - A Taste

 "Go go go.. more evidence for a no fun city. Vancouver is never going to be a big city. Keep it small." - JW

"Way to lead, Vancouver. Will this city be the last place in North America to approve MMA? Montreal, Calgary and Toronto (Ontario is working on approving MMA right now) will all jump up and down with excitement at this decision. Vancouver council (minus Suzanne Anton), you're all idiots." - Lopez

"This is freaking ridiculous. Welcome to Vancouver, where we can blow billions on an athletes village, but can't let the athletic commission (that wants to run MMA and has in the past) do it's job to bring in a sport that other cities make millions from. This is heinous NIMBYism at it's worst. Chickens and avian flu in backyards is fine with no study at all, but a sport that is the world's fastest growing is too much for the Mayor of Happy Valley to handle? Gregor had my vote and lost it in three months. I'll vote NPA next time." - Poobah

Go go go.. more evidence for a no fun city. Vancouver is never going to be a big city. Keep it small. - JW

"WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS MEETING THEN??? WHY WASTE EVERYONE'S TIME??? Unbelievable. If I took the time to attend that fiasco and they didn't even make a decision, I would be FURIOUS! Gutless. Totally gutless."

"I'm speechless...I thought this city council would finally make a good decision. I was wrong. What a joke!" - BW

"Congrats Vision, you've actually prompted me to donate money - to the NPA! Why don't you study the economic impact of a Jonas Brothers Concert. If you don't like MMA fine, don't watch it, but don't prohibit me from watching live MMA in Vancouver. Frig I'm mad." - Voter

"I can't believe I'm siding with NPA on something...hmmm...will have to remember this next election." - Jeff

"And once again, Vancouver proves that it's the least fun city in Canada. Plant a lettuce, feed your chickens, but don't bring your tourism dollars here unless you want to get yelled at by the professional homeless people. I guess I'll have to keep flying to Vegas to watch MMA events and take my dollars elsewhere. Nice work, Gregor. Way to lead." - Rutty

That is but a small sample of some of the mixed martial arts blogosphere dialogue flowing in this afternoon. Expect this debate to go on for a while longer.

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