City's top Olympic staffer Dave Rudberg quits

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dave rudbergBREAKING NEWS: have just been advised that Dave Rudberg, the head of the City's Olympic operations is leaving the City. Rudberg previously worked as the Chief Engineer, and has worked tirelessly to help get Vancouver ready to host the world in 2010. We predicted in an earlier post that some of Vancouver's key leadership were still on their way out.

A release from the City Manager states Rudberg is "looking forward to retirement and spending more time with his grandchildren." The pattern of bombshell Friday afternoon announcements continues at Vancouver City Hall.

His departure from City's most important job associated with the 2010 Games just 11 months before the event has raised many eyebrows across the city. Sources say Rudberg had had enough of the new administration and their efforts to politicize the public service.

Rudberg is highly regarded within city circles and throughout the community. He stepped down as Vancouver's top Engineering staff to take on the vital role of bringing the Games to Vancouver. The City has maintained excellent relations with VANOC and it's believed Rudberg is one of the key reasons why.

During his term as head of Engineering, Dave was the leadership that helped end the wars between his department and the Planning Department. He also hired the first women employees in Engineering.

It is safe to say that Rudberg had planned to make the 2010 Games his swan song to cap a 31-year career in the public service.

Over the last several months, the City of Vancouver has lost a number of key staff including former City Manager Judy Rogers (fired), Jody Andrews, Deputy City Manager (resigned), Estelle Lo, Director of Finance (resigned), Fire Chief Ray Holdgate (resigned) and now Rudberg is gone.

There are still rumours flying throughout City Hall that a couple of additional high profile staff are about to call it quits. Can you say the wheels are coming off the bus?

With Vancouver about to host the world in less than 12 months, it's hard to see how a wholesale restructuring of the City's management team is going to help.

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I'm so saddened to hear that Dave quit! What a great guy and what a loss to the City! What the hell are they up to? I've lost so much confidence in them and their politicized games all at the expense of others. I hear a number of staff are looking for work elsewhere. Way to go, Mayor, Council and City Manager!!

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