COPE discloses campaign donors; Vision Vancouver not yet

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COPE's David Cadman and Ellen Woodsworth have their campaign financial disclosures in now, one day after the NPA's central campaign submitted theirs. Park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock submitted as have the entire COPE School Board slate: Bill Bargeman, Al Blakey, Jane Bouey and Allan Wong.

Instead of opening and downloading any of the linked PDFs, let me end the surprise for you as to how much each candidate raised and spent.

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Le Rien. Bupkis. A goose egg. NIL NIL NIL.

You have to pity COPE's accountant, who's about as busy as the Maytag repairman. will be continuing to follow the story of the 2008 campaign money trail in the days to come.

We're still waiting for Vision Vancouver's disclosure.


My nieghbour had several COPE signs on his windows, and lots more in his car. I'm wondering who paid for those ?

Hmm, could you explain why its NIL? Obviously they spent money and got donations...

Is this just failure for their financial agent not having the data or what is this about?

Cope raises money collectively (figures) and so the individual candidates do not take personal donations. It is estimated that Cope raised $300,000 this election but this has not been filed yet.

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