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Earth Hour

A number of cities across Canada will be participating in Earth Hour today and plan to turn off their lights as a 'symbolic' gesture to raise awareness of global warming.

Last year I was proud to play a small role in helping bring Earth Hour to Vancouver City Hall.  I worked closely on the project with a fellow named David Heliwell. He is not only a good friend, but he also happens to be one of Vancouver's most savvy and up-and-coming 'green' entrepreneurs.

David owns a company called the Small Energy Group and they worked with City Hall to help measure reduced energy usage as a result of Earth Hour. I was impressed with what David and his team were able to do in such a short period of time. You're going to hear a lot about him and his growing enterprise in the years to come!

So in honour of this event, we'll keep our post short...encourage you to turn off your computer, your lights, an any other unused appliances...and do your part to reduce energy usage (year round if possible). See you back here after Earth Hour.

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Whew. I thought had been shut down b/c I hadn't posted for a couple of days ;-)

Happy Earth Hour, everyone! Lights go off at our house in just under a half hour...

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